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Set up push notifications for when shifts are posted in your city or open the app when you're looking for work. Everything is handled within the Fairly Staffing app — all you need to do is show up on time and work your shift!

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Why you should use Fairly Staffing for your temping.

Real-time notifications

Receive notifications from job postings instantly! Turn on/off notifications in accordance to your schedule!

Hours tracking

Looking to pick up some hours? Set your availability using our built-in mobile app scheduler. Clock in and out of your shifts directly from your app!

Easy invoicing

Once a shift has been completed and paid for, you will get a invoice receipt to retain for your records. Yearly reports are also available on the app to track shifts and hours.

Tax season has never been easier

Stop searching for all your past invoices. Keep all your digital invoices in one place within our app and export them all in the click of a button. 

Cut out the middle man

Stop being pestered with endless texts and calls from staffing agencies. Pick up as many or as little shifts as you want directly through the app. 

(COMING SOON) Instant payments

We know how frustrating it can be to track down outstanding payments. Coming soon, you'll be able to get paid within the same day as your shift!

What our temps are saying.


"Fairly has changed the way I temp! It’s a very convenient platform where I can quickly see what shifts are available. I am always able to work when I want and all participating offices have been a pleasure to work at. Everything is logged and you are able to check in and out upon arrival so no need to keep a separate record. The direct deposit is great as it eliminates need to track down cheques in the mail and I am able to monitor my expenses, hours, and even get access to a yearly report all within the app."


"I would like to share my thoughts about the temp agency named Fairly. I have been very pleased with their helpful and always available service! No matter what questions I have, they have always answered them within minutes!They upgrade their online site so it is very efficient for both employers and temp staff.I am very happy with the service and recommended my previous employee to use the site to find temp staff!"


"A very good app and it’s helped me a lot especially because I’m new in Edmonton, the team are very nice and helpful with answering all my questions and inquiries about the DH work in Alberta. It is useful for people who are looking for more flexible working hours with their private lives, in addition to excellent work wages. The application includes sufficient information about clinics that need different specialties and most importantly the payment is within a week and direct deposited to your bank account. I highly recommend with 5 stars!"


"It is a good temp company and they pay good. You can easily install the app and get shifts from it. Quick response."


"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Aisha using her Fairly Staffing Temping App. Fairly is not only easy to use but its also easily accessible. There are no more signature requirements and I can easily access the app anytime to search things like finding shifts, checking if a payment has been made. Aisha has been extremely helpful in getting me started and explaining the app features. I will undoubtedly continue to use the app and certainly recommend it to other colleagues. Keep up the great work Aisha. "


"The Fairly staffing app is probably the greatest app ever on my phone. It makes it so easy to find work on my days off.Everything is laid out in a very organized manner, and I’ve never had any issues with getting paid etc.You just select the date you are available for, and the name of the office shows up right away and that’s really all there is to it. The offices themselves were also good offices.The app shows you how far each one is from your current location and the majority of offices on there are very professional and are also aware that the person is coming as a temporary assistant/hygienist.I love this app and it’s seriously such a great way to make some money!"


"I love the Fairly temping app. It is so easy and convenient to find jobs. I love that I can see which office is requesting a temp, the hours they need and a map to show where the office is. I love that I can set my fee and not have to negotiate it everytime. I love the calendar that shows all my temp days in the whole month. I love that I’m not tied into a contract. I love the ease of being able to check in and out of my shifts right in the app. And payment is always given within a week or two of the shift. It has sure made my temping life so much easier!! Thanks for having me as part of your team!"


"The Fairly app has helped me fill in the odd shifts here and there. If I ever want to work extra hours after work I can pick up short evening shifts very easily! This helps me fill in my days and save up extra money for trips and so forth. Life saver!"

Meet Aisha, our founder, co-CEO, and avid dental temp.


With over 12 years of experience as a skilled Registered Dental Hygienist, Aisha proudly originates from Edmonton, Alberta.

Throughout her career, Aisha faced common challenges in managing schedules and paperwork. Sorting through countless texts and emails to piece together her work schedule was a hassle. Additionally, creating and sending manual invoices for each shift took up a lot of time. Traditional temporary staffing methods often led to scheduling conflicts, which made Aisha's work life more stressful.

Motivated by her love for travel and the flexibility that temporary work offers, Aisha decided to simplify these processes. In 2022, she launched Fairly Staffing, using her own experiences to create a solution that solves the problems she faced in her career.

Fairly Staffing's easy-to-use platform helps dental professionals manage their schedules, submit invoices, and avoid scheduling conflicts. Aisha is proud to offer a solution that not only helps dental professionals but also makes the most of modern technology for convenience and efficiency.

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